2015 Mustang 50 Years Convertible - Dave Pericak, Mustang Chief Engineer

The Powers That Be supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Michigan Chapter - and you can too!

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Eddie’s smokin’ shrimp cocktail with fresh horseradish cocktail sauce. Over and over again. Yum.

"The Powers That Be brings a depth of understanding and expertise to our social marketing efforts that our company could not cultivate on its own. They listened to our strategy, augmented it with fresh ideas to make it successful, and acted as a conduit to resources that took our game to an even higher level. On top of that, the team is engaging, fun to work with and make the whole process of executing a social marketing strategy exciting."

Mike Dunklee, CMO Blvd Suties

"We tried for years to promote our business in a variety of ways including social media. None of our attempts were successful. TPTB had a tremendous impact on our business almost immediately! They literally gave MoCap Solutions a social presence. Their work has brought us a host of new customers and, equally important, has allowed us to re-engage our current customers in new and exciting ways."

Tom Armbruster, MoCap Solutions


When I leave for a three day weekend…Submit your own FIAT 500 pics and GIFs using #MyFIATUSA here!

If You Do The Same Old Thing, You’ll Get The Same Old Results.

The Matrix 4 sneak preview.

ummm. what?
Quotes of Diversity and Inclusion from Michigan Roundtable

Digital to Pass 25% of Global Media Spend for First Time